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Bleechr Feature
Bleechr Feature
Every now and then we'll showcase an up-and-coming athlete that goes above and beyond to excel at their craft. These athletes show the determination and drive it takes to be the best and will work tirelessly to perfect their game on and off the field. These gridiron warriors deserve a closer look in the spotlight as a "Bleechr Feature".
Gabe Contento - Bleechr Feature 2020

Football has been a way of life for Gabe Contento. Reminiscing the beginnings of how it came into his life, throwing the ball around since he was a young child with his dad and grandfather. Things got a little more serious when he reached age 5 and started playing organized ball. Then things hit a new gear when he turned eight, that's when tackle ball started. Gabe always played quarterback, but he wasn't shy of helping the team when needed elsewhere, spending some time at wideout, defensive back and at times even finding himself returning kicks and/or punts. Gabe's Freshman year tasked him with being the JV quarterback, then as a Sophomore, he entered the season as the Varsity backup. Got some playing time, eventually earning the starting spot that year and helping the team to their first-ever 3A playoff appearance. Gabe hasn't looked back since.

Contento's favorite memory playing ball came in 2019 in a playoff game against Miami Edison. Gabe recalls playing a loaded Miami Edison team with some D1 commits. The game was tied 7-7 late in the 4th quarter. Contento explains that his coach called a toss right, but on the previous play, the young QB saw the backside DE was crashing hard and the outside linebacker on the same side committing inside hard to stop the run. So, young Gabe faked the toss, booted back out left, and took the ball 40 yards to the biscuit for the game-winning touchdown. It was the school's first 3A playoff win.

Working has also been a way of life for Contento, from film to dieting and working out, the offseason is an everyday grind. This shows in Gabe's career stats. Gabe has lost only 5 games in the past 7 years as a quarterback. Currently, he is 16-4 as a Varsity starter. Yes, he passes for touchdowns, yards, etc., but let me explain something remarkable, when I asked Gabe Contento for his stats, the only one he cared to share was winning. I do not think many athletes, this young would come back with that answer. Many guys boast and talk about themselves, in a pseudo narcissist way. Not this kid, it has been team and family first. Can't say I run into a lot of that, especially for not only great athletes but great quarterbacks. We looked at Gabe's film to find his best game yet, we found him playing against Pine Crest. A rival school. The previous year the game ended 35-34 Pine Crest. 364 days later, the score was 40-3 Gabe ran for 4 TDs in that game, which still is a school record.

Gabe Contento - Bleechr Feature 2020
Gabe Contento - Bleechr Feature 2020
Gabe Contento - Bleechr Feature 2020
Gabe has interest from an array of schools ranging from D1 teams such as Cornell and Holy Cross to Division II teams such as Oklahoma Baptist, Southern Nazarene, Southwest Oklahoma State, D3 schools, and even NAIA schools. My personal take, this kid has a high ceiling when it comes to football. The intangibles are not able to be measure in all capacity yet, the kid is not done growing or maturing, but he has the mindset of a veteran QB in college. When asked what is leadership? Contento responded with "to be a great servant".

Listen, I'll say this again, you can find talent anywhere in the country, but the human being inside, the heartbeat that makes that one particular kid among all the stars call the plays and take the hits for your team -- that, now that's the hardest thing to find. Gabe Contento is a sure bet, for any college team in the country. He is an asset to any roster, not only as a player but as a human being. Gabe can sling the bean, has moxie, and plays each play with intensity, fire, and consistency. Great mechanics, doesn't short-arm the ball, and has a great base on throws. Mobile quarterback, but understands the pocket. Gabe's mental ceiling is extremely high. Finally, Gabe intends to have a degree in Criminal Justice and eventually work for a specialized government organization that combats global crimes against humanity.


Gio Vitulli
Gio Vitulli
Gio is a football coach, founder of Elite Force Performance and Bleechr contributor. Gio and EFP have helped over 1,400 athletes secure college scholarships. www.eliteforceperformance.com #BeELITE
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